University Hospital

In addition to its medical mission, the Mohammed VI International University Hospital also has an academic role, which has been included in the hospital’s project since its conception. Indeed, as an integral part of the ecosystem of the Mohammed VI University of Health Sciences, the Mohammed VI International University Hospital aims to build tomorrow’s skills through medical and pharmaceutical clinical university and post-graduate education and participates in the practical training of nursing staff.

The Hospital has 10 learning spaces and has designed a program adapted to enable students to acquire technical skills in the field and to perfect their knowledge of the profession.

Hospital School

The Mohammed VI International University Hospital is a learning space for all. Whether visitor, patient, student or staff, everyone finds a new source of information. Our visitors and patients can learn about diseases, and better understand them to better fight them through awareness by our medical and paramedical teams. As for the students, they benefit from the teachings of our experienced doctors in order to better understand the practice of their profession. Finally, continuous training is provided to our doctors, paramedical, and administrative staff to enable them to improve in their respective fields.

A hospital school for all is one of the missions of the Mohammed VI International University Hospital.