To promote access to medical excellence and facilitate the care of international patients, the Mohammed VI International University Hospital has an International Unit with a dedicated team.

Before your visit, we can :

  • Help you schedule your consultation or care at the Mohammed VI International University Hospital
  • Establish an estimate for your care expenses
  • Ensure your reception at the airport or train station
  • Book a hotel or apartment rental
  • Ensure your transfer from the airport or the train station
  • Book a rental car
  • Help you manage all the administrative and financial aspects of your stay in our hospital.
During your stay

During your stay, we can :

  • Offer you a personalized support
  • Offer you the services of an interpreter
  • Take care of your loved ones: tourist information, reservations, leisure activities
  • Update the cost estimate for your care
  • Help you manage administrative and financial formalities.
End of the stay

Before leaving the Mohammed VI International University Hospital, do not forget to get in touch with the secretariat of the International Unit to collect your complete medical report, while organizing the return to your country of origin.

Before your departure, we can organize your return home (airport or train station transfer, plane or train tickets) or your transfer to a hotel of your choice if you wish to continue your stay in Morocco with a leisure stay.

On the day of your departure, if you have not already done so or if you are not covered by a paying agency recognized by the Mohammed VI International University Hospital, we will ask you to pay any additional fees.

If you need to schedule follow-up visits for a later date, we will be happy to assist you.

Visits to patients are allowed :

For hospitalizations: From 12:30 to 13:30 hours and from 18:30 to 19:30 hours, unless authorized by the medical/healthcare team.

For the Intensive Care Unit : From 12:30 to 13:30 hours and from 18:30 to 19:30 hours, unless authorized by the medical/healthcare team.

Discharge formalities

The date of your discharge is set by your doctor. If you wish to be discharged against medical advice, you or your legal representative must complete and sign a discharge form indicating that you wish to leave the hospital against medical advice and in full knowledge of the risks you are running. For minors, the discharge must be signed by the parents or guardian.

For newborns, a birth notice is established by the medical secretary and validated by the doctor to be given to the family.

To begin the discharge process, the reception secretary will send your medical file to the billing agent to complete the billing process.

If you are not accompanied by a relative, a caregiver will accompany you to complete the paperwork. Once you are declared discharged, a discharge ticket will be given to you or your family.

Before leaving the hospital
  • Make sure you get the necessary documents from the nurse on duty (prescriptions, medical letters, X-rays, hospitalization certificates, blood group cards, anticoagulation cards, appointments, personal medication…).
  • Retrieve any valuables that may have been deposited in the hospital’s central safe.
  • Check that you have not left any personal belongings in your room.
  • Pay any costs you may incur.
  • If necessary, contact the liaison nurse to help you with the discharge process.
Your opinion is important to us

The Mohammed VI International University Hospital has made satisfaction questionnaires available to you, available in all the departments of the M6H and at the various reception areas.

We ask you to fill them in at the time of your discharge: this will help us improve the quality of care and services offered by our teams.

If you are not satisfied with your care or have any comments to make about your stay, we invite you to fill in the user complaints form, which is available in all departments of the M6H and at the various reception desks. You can also report your experience here.

It is also your right to ask to see our User Relations Officer, whose main task is to coordinate the management of your complaints with all hospital staff.

The Mohammed VI International University Hospital has 325 beds distributed between single rooms, double rooms, and VIP suites. Rooms are allocated according to availability.

Sometimes, depending on the rhythm of discharges, it is impossible to allocate the room requested at the time of registration. The hospital’s teams will work to ensure that this situation is remedied as soon as possible.

Our catering partner ensures that you receive quality food while respecting your nutritional constraints. The menus are prepared by a multidisciplinary team in close collaboration with our dietician and do meet the nutritional recommendations.
In fact, depending on your health status and medical prescriptions, a personalized diet will be set up for you.