Frequently Asked Questions

Companions / Visitors

Whether for a consultation or for hospitalization, it is possible to be accompanied by a single person (obligatorily of legal age).

Minor visitors are authorized in non-Covid hospitalizations. However, access to hot services (resuscitation, emergencies, etc.) is strictly prohibited.

You can contact the HUIM6 switchboard and indicate the patient’s name / first name and the department / room number where the patient you wish to contact is located at:

    • +212 (0)5 29 09 11 11
    • +212 (0)5 29 09 22 22


You have several options for making an appointment for a consultation at HUIM6:

1. Via the HUIM6 switchboard on +212 (0)5 29 09 11 11 or +212 (0)5 29 09 22 22

2. By presenting yourself physically at the consultation service

3. On the HUIM6 website: by completing the appointment form

4. On the HUIM6 mobile application (once it is operational)

The list of doctors by specialty is available on the hospital’s website: by going to the “Our specialties” section. You can also contact the hospital switchboard for this purpose, on +212 (0)5 29 09 11 11 or +212 (0)5 29 09 22 22

It is possible to choose the doctor who will take care of you, if you make an appointment in advance. But in the opposite case, the consultation will take place with the available doctors.

We strive to meet the expectations of our patients, but in the event of force majeure or emergencies, the doctor with whom you have made an appointment may be unavailable, in which case another doctor will be appointed for your appointment.

Concierge / catering / shops

Bouskoura is located in the region of Casablanca-Settat, in the province of Nouaceur. It is located about twenty km from Casablanca center (about 40 minutes).

  • HUIM6 is accessible by car from Casablanca via:

1. The A1 highway (exit green town of Bouskoura)

2. National Road N1 (Azbane)

3. Provincial road P3009 (via Abou Bakr El Kadiri Avenue)

  • HUIM6 is accessible by car from Mohammed V airport via the A1 highway (exit green city of Bouskoura)

Visitors and hospital staff have access to a cafeteria (on the ground floor at the level of the medical hall) with sandwiches, drinks and snacks.

In addition to the cafeteria, staff have access to a restaurant on level -1 as well as rest rooms where they can eat.

Various hotels, B&Bs and lodges can be found in the vicinity of HUIM6. We recommend that you go online to online booking sites (such as Booking, Trip Advisor) or Google Maps to find the accommodation that meets your expectations.

Our international cell will be able to assist you in your search, if necessary.

HUIM6 has an international unit that supports patients coming from abroad from their first contact with HUIM6 until they leave the hospital. This cell assists in:

  • Estimated fees for international patient care
  • Management of all administrative and financial aspects of their hospital stay
  • Personalized support (interpreter, tourist information, reservations, etc.)

In case of hospitalization, if you are in a single room, it is possible that your companion (must be of legal age) spends the night with you. An “accompanying supplement” – based on a flat rate of 400 DH including tax / night (including breakfast) will then be included in your invoice.

In the case of accompanying a minor under the age of 12, the provision of an accompanying bed in the patient’s room is always free. However, meals remain the responsibility of the accompanying person.

For the accompaniment of a patient at the end of life or a person with a severe disability, an exemption is possible.

During your stay, enjoy the comfort of our rooms:

  • Individual rooms of 16 M²
  • Double rooms of 20 M²
  • Quality furniture
  • Private bathroom (for single rooms)
  • Smart TV and WIFI connection
  • Air conditioning
  • Pyjamas, bed and table linen and toiletries (shampoo, soap, shower gel) provided by the Hospital
  • Linen service (paying)
  • Suites with an average area of 35 M²: in addition to the services described above, the suites have lounges and kitchenettes equipped for optimal comfort.

Within HUIM6, you can find a shop on the ground floor offering: groceries, cold drinks, fresh products, hygiene items, etc.

Medical records & patient information requests

In order to protect the confidentiality of medical data, it is imperative to send us a written request, drawn up by the patient (or signed by him) accompanied by a photocopy of his identity card. This written request must include the last name, first name, date of birth and the departments where the patient stayed as well as the approximate dates of his visits to the Mohammed VI International University Hospital . The desired copies will be sent to you within fifteen days of receipt of your request in good and due form.

Here is where to send your request:

At the secretariat of the Medical Information Department
Address :
For the attention of the Medical Information Department
Mohammed VI International University Hospital
Road P3011 Bouskoura
Casablanca, Morocco

The hospitalized person (or his legal representatives for a minor or a protected adult) has direct access to the health information concerning him. Under certain conditions, his heirs in the event of death may also benefit from access to certain elements of the file.

You are free at any time to accept or refuse treatment (except in the event of a life-threatening emergency). The doctor is qualified to determine the most suitable treatment for you. He must inform you of this: do not hesitate to ask him questions or to contact the healthcare team.

The Admissions and Invoicing Office (BAF) is at your disposal for the administrative management of your hospitalization, including information relating to your accommodation costs.

A welcome booklet will be given to you on your arrival in your room. It is intended to facilitate your hospital stay. You will find all the practical information you will need, concerning the steps to take, the services available to you, your rights, or the rules for living together.

Social workers are present to answer your requests and support you in your care. Don’t hesitate to ask for them through the professionals in your healthcare department.

Whether you continue your care in another healthcare establishment or return home, you can prepare for follow-up care after hospitalization with the help of our teams.

Care offer

In addition to the specialties of the three poles, HUIM6 offers a wide range of care in more than 30 specialties :

Anesthesiology / Cardiology / General surgery / Thoracic surgery / Medicine and dental surgery / Dermatology / Endocrinology / Endoscopy / Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Proctology / Hematology – Oncology / Infectious diseases / Internal medicine / Physical medicine and rehabilitation / Nephrology / Pneumology / Psychiatry and psychology / Interventional radiology / Rheumatology / Urology / …

The HUIM6 has a capacity of 325 beds and places divided between the hospitalization services, Day Hospital Surgery and Medicine (HDJ), intensive care, Short-Term Hospitalization Unit (UHCD), Oncology…

The HUIM6 has:

    • 20 resuscitation beds for adults in single rooms
    • 11 pediatric resuscitation beds (5 beds in single rooms and 6 beds in 1 shared room)
    • 13 neonatal intensive care incubators distributed in three different common rooms as well as two transport incubators

The emergency department of the Mohammed VI International University Hospital is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week .

It welcomes and takes care of children and adults, whether they are polytraumatized, in critical condition, or injured.

The emergency department provides immediate care for medical and surgical, neurosurgical and pediatric emergencies.

It has 3 shock treatment rooms for patients requiring heavy care and ensures the presence of on-call specialists 24 hours a day.

HUIM6 offers expertise combining innovative technologies and latest-generation equipment. The list of equipment is available on our website, in the “About” tab.

The HUIM6 has a state-of-the-art technical platform.

In the operating room:

    • A mobile preoperative scanner (AIRO, BRAIN LAB) – 1st in Morocco and Africa
    • A refractive surgery platform
    • A neuronavigation system with 9 screens (CURVE, BRAINLAB) – 1st in Morocco
    • A neurosurgical microscope (Kinevo, ZEISS) – 1st in Morocco

In radiology:

    • A remote-controlled digital table
    • Two conventional radiology digital tables

In follow-up care and rehabilitation (SSR):

    • A walking robotic rehabilitation device (WALKBOT) – 1st in Morocco
    • A movement analysis laboratory – 1st in Morocco
    • A balance and posture assessment device
Practical questions

There are parkings near the hospital, along the road.

For people with reduced mobility, there are dedicated spaces in the Hospital parking.

For people with reduced mobility, there are dedicated spaces in the Hospital parking.

Yes, everything has been thought out to accommodate people with reduced mobility in the best possible conditions.

Yes, a lost and found office is available at the hospital management level. However, the Hospital declines all responsibility in the event of an object lost by a patient in the common areas of the hospital.

You can then contact the hospital switchboard at:

    • +212 (0)5 29 09 11 11
    • +212 (0)5 29 09 22 22

– Switchboard: 0529 09 11 11 / 0529 09 22 22

    • Consultations (making an appointment)
    • Admission and Billing Office (BAF)
    • Medical analysis laboratory
    • Medical imaging (radiology, ultrasound, mammography, MRI, scanner, doppler, etc.)
    • Request for general information

– Emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: 0529 09 33 33

– Administration: 0529 09 44 44

– Calls from abroad, dial: +212 then the last 9 digits.


You can file a complaint either physically in the ballot boxes provided for this purpose (complaints form available in the medical secretariats of your service) at the various departments of the HUIM6, or online by scanning the QR code displayed on the ballot boxes, either via the form available on the website

The management of the complaint is immediate and its processing time depends on several parameters (seriousness of the complaint, frequency, etc.) and can take a few hours, a few days or even a few weeks if it requires an investigation or an in-depth investigation. .

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